Emeraldscape Environmental Development, EMEND has charged critical stakeholders, most especially women to take charge of protecting their immediate physical environment by insisting on safe environmental practices. 

In a recent lecture delivered by one of its volunteers and Environmental Law Expert, Tosin Ayo, Esq at the Annual General Meeting of FIDA, Ekiti State Chapter held at the Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN Bar Centre, Ikere-Ekiti on the 13th day of November, 2020 titled Exploring the Roles of Women as Prime Implementors of Environment-Friendly Practices, the organisation raised the consciousness of women as the real owners of the home who determine the path to be followed on most issues especially environmental protection practices. 

The Lecturer stated that men might set blocks, but it takes a woman to build the home, thus, it behoves on them to insist on clean physical hygiene, endeavour to convert waste to wealth, teach their children and husbands alike as they spend more time with the children than their teachers in school. Thus, to build the society, it was imperative to build and train the women.

The formidable environmental protection organisation noted the problems of the environment to include Bush burning, waste burning, deforestation, overheating, variants of pollution- (air, water and noise pollution), non-preservation of biodiversity, electronic waste proliferation in the Nigerian state, ozone layer depletion, climate change, vehicular pollution, Energy insecurity, Water contamination, Greenhouse gases infiltration, Land Use mismanagement, Chemicals contamination, Toxics and Heavy Metals proliferation, Waste Mismanagement, Oceans and Fisheries issues, etc.

They noted that since women and children are mostly affected by environmental degradation and disasters, women should be more proactive in practicing safe environmental-friendly practices like waste management, waste separation, sorting and recycling, insisting on the use of reusable bags in lieu of nylons and other components that are non biodegradable, especially as women constitute a larger percentage of both the shoppers and market sellers, refusal to dump refuse on water channels, non-cooking of pets and other endangered species, clean energy management, reduced carbon energy consumption, refusal to demand out-of-use electronic gadgets from men, thus fostering the supply of electronic waste into the country, etc. He equally stated that more women must be involved in politics and administration to assist with environmental policy formulation and implementation as they directly bear the brunt of the fallout of deleterious environmental challenges. 

The Lecturer charged women to insist on basic standards by marrying up, rather than settling down, refuse to aid huge parental irresponsibility by insisting on safe sex practices with irresponsible partners, capable of leading to overpopulation, increased poverty to overstressing the inadequate infrastructure in the environment. He identified poverty and ignorance as the two prime hydra-headed monsters confronting women in the society and leading to a reduction of their efficiency in effectively implementing safe environmental practices, noting that it might be impossible for the one who is yet to complete the construction of his house and living there because of poverty, to build drainage systems. He however stated that if women all took responsibility and insist on the right things- it becomes harder for their men and children to drop waste indiscriminately or exhibit some other environmentally dangerous character. 

The Speaker thus concluded that the short lecture was only a sensitisation snippet and that a full symposium would be organised in the nearest future facilitated by EMEND to increase the awareness and he hopes FIDA and other critical stakeholders and the civil society would be willing to partner to bring home the message of the unmistakable roles of women as the chief planners, executors and implementors of safe Environmental practices.


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