Emeraldscape Essay Competition Report

Total Number of Valid Entries


Number of Universities Represented


Top Five (5) Data

NameFile NoUniversityLevelDepartmentPlagiarism
Idowu Olajumoke Grace73 MUniversity of Ibadan300LawNil
Adaji Ufedo-Ojo Eleojo104 MUniversity of Nigeria300Medical Radiography
and Radiological science
13% and cited
Joy Boluwatife Eguaoje305 MUniversity of IbadanN/ALaw5% and cited
Boluwatife Faturoti262 GFUniversity of Ibadan300LawNil
Michael Adekunle Shalom Toluwanimi985 GFUniversity of Lagos200Law18% and cited
These are the Top Five Data for the Essay Competition. For our independent assessor’s comments, please click here.

WINNERS (1st, 2nd & 3rd Positions)

1. Michael-Adekunle Shalom Toluwanimi Biodiversity/985/WED2020

2. Boluwatife Faturoti  Biodiversity/262/WED2020

3. Idowu Olajumoke Grace  Biodiveesity/M73/WED2020

Name of Assessors

1. Mrs. Oluwayomi Oshuntokun

2. Mr. Opeyemi Gbadegesin

3. Mr. Olalekan Akinsete

4. Mr.Ebenezer Ofuya

5. Mr. Oluwadunsin Adekola

6. Miss Victoria Ayansola

7. Dr. E.O. Olaniyi

8. Mrs. Abidemi Raji Adebayo

9. Dr. Mrs. Bukola Oguntuase

10. Mrs. Oluwatumininu Elisabeth Akerele

11. Mr. Friday Okpanachi Ekpa

12. Mrs. Oni Oluwafunmilayo Ayomidipupo

13. Mr. Emmanuel Folorunso

14. Dr. Adedotun Adekoya

15. Dr. Adaramoye Toyin Olanike

16. Dr. Oluwatoyin Obateru

17. Miss. Ayoola Adeola

18. Mr. Jude Jacobs

Chief Assessors

1. Prof. Adejoke Oyewunmi

2. Dr. Olubunmi Ayodele Afinowi

Chief Consultant

1. Prof. Omolade Adunbi

Team Members

Founders: Olayinka  Balogun, Adefunke Anoma

Executive Director:  Moyinoluwa Anoma

Account Officer: Jadesola Ogunkorede

ICT/Media: Omotayo Oke

Admin Officer: Adebiyi Florence

You and Your Environment: Umoh Inemesit

Program Officer: Ayotunde Adeyemi

Ayotunde Adeyemi, Programs Officer


World Lilies Hotel and Event Place


World Lilies Hotels and Event Centre


  1. Thank you EMEND for this great privilege to participate in the essay competition. Big thanks to the panelists for advice they shared in order for us to be able to write a good and constructive essay. I know I’ll be a good writer after experiencing this essay competition. Thank you all. Blessings!!!

    • Congrats to the winners! Please we would like to see a softcopy of the winning essays so as to help us know our loopholes. Great work @ EMEND ENVDEV

  2. Wow.. Thank you for the opportunity to educate us regarding environmental issues. We promise to extend this to all outside who are naive on environmental matters.
    We look forward to more of this.
    Thanks EMEND!

  3. Thanks for organizing the essay competition, and congratulations to the winners. Can you post the entries of the winners, so we can learn

  4. What a wonderful results report. My congratulatory message to the latest winners of this competition and special thanks to the organizers and assessors as well.
    How I wished I could see a published copy of their articles so that I can take corrections of what I have mistaken.
    Thank you.

  5. Wow congrats to those who won and thanks to emerald environmentals for the opportunity given to me to participate

  6. I’m not surprised that Yoruba entries made 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the competition; why? 16 out of 17 of the markers are Yoruba. This does not depict justice and fairness.

    • There’s no way the panelists would ve been unfair just because majority of them are Yoruba. They are matured minds with high intellect and will not show any firm of favoritism. The winners deserved it judging from their departments and institutions. If you conclude that the panelists were unfair take a look at where they lecture, most of them are not from UI, just one or two out of the 17 are from UI. So if they are unfair, they would ve made students from their institutions winners.

      • If the panelists had awarded the winners because of their departments and institutions, the method had been unfair. Awarding essay entrants in a competition should be on the basis of the quality contents of their essays. I believe someone from an unpopular higher institution in Nigeria can win such an essay competition if the person has the requisite knowledge and tools. Congratulations to the winners. I am happy for you all.

    • Well! You can’t use that as a yardstick. There’s no favouritism anywhere. The thing is, if you think you write well, something else could have earlier disqualified your write-ups, probably lack of referencing or poor referencing.

    • What’s your problem about sentiment and tribalism? Anytime things doesn’t go your way, its because the markers were Yorubas, wake up and stop being blinded by your superiority complex.

  7. A big congratulations to the winners. I would love to be like them through hardworking and determination of course.

  8. Congratulations to the winners.

    And I will love to see the entries of the winners let’s learn from them.

    Thank you.

  9. As usual stuff like this always happens, I honestly don’t think this marking is gunuine starting from the names of the markers to the top 5 picked all yorubas … Nepotism in it’s Apex form

    • Wow! Congratulations to the winners. You must have really done a great job. I celebrate you all. Thanks to Emeraldscape for allowing everyone of us to participate in this. I personally learnt so much when writing my own essay and I believe it’s so with others.
      Please we would like to see the entries of the winners so that we can learn and improve. Thanks.

  10. Congratulations to the winners. The panelist have done a good job. The little I have to say is that the instructions given was not specific. Like someone noted that some students did not give out their data. Like someone who submitted her data differently from the work what will be her fate knowing fully well that including your data in your essay work will increase the number of words. All corrections and observations are noted. Thank you EMEND for the opportunity. I hope to participate again next year.

    • I made findings online on how to write competitive essay and none of the blogs stated the need to include writer’s bio-data therein. Perhaps, this might be Nigerian’s new style of writing it.. ☹️ ☹️
      Anyway, Congratulations to the winners! I must also appreciate the efforts of the panelists too; you’ve all done well and thank you for your time.
      Thanks to EMEND for this kind opportunity….

  11. Please can we see their entries to take corrections and learn from them. Please it’s necessary. And also if possible, can our various be sent back to us?

  12. A big congrats to the winners of this essay competition. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. I know someday I’ll do better and very well like the winners have done. But I’ll like to see the entries of the winners to know my flaws and learn from it also.
    Thanks to EMEND.

  13. Congratulations to the winners
    Please can I access the top 20 ranking to know where my entry lies and take it as a challenge

  14. The best won, Congratulations Dearie’s..
    But can we atleast see their Essay, so as to make reference to ours..
    Thank you emerald for organising this, I really learnt a lot..

  15. The best won, Congratulations Dearie’s..
    But can we atleast see their Essay, so as to know why they stand out amongst others.
    Thank you emerald for organising this, I really learnt a lot..

  16. Congratulations to the winners. But why are all the top five winners all yorubas ??? This is Nepotism at it’s apex I must say and it’s not just fair! Pls can we see their entries so we can as well do better next time. All the same thanks Emeraldscapenvironmental for this wonderful opportunity.

  17. Congratulations to the winners and we appreciate all the remarks on the essays written. We hope to improve better and know netyee. Thanks EMEND

  18. Or rather we see the ranking, and everyone sees where his/her entry lies…….. Especially I need to see my own

  19. This is awesome, kudos to the organisers and congrats to the winners.
    yet, i have some things to say.
    1. i would love to see the winning essays
    2. i think we were not properly communicated on the instruction placed. Judging from the reports, it is obvious that many essays were disqualified due to one thing or the other. On my part, I automatically lost 15% or rather 15 marks just because the instruction/guidelines in the essays never tell us to include our ‘about us’ neither did it specify if the 1,200 words will include references, there was no info about references. Even after I made attempts to ask the organisers about the referencing, still no response, not until its late already. well! it’s fine, since this is just the maiden edition. I hope the organisers work on proper communication in subsequent editions (if it will ever come). thanks for this privilege and exposure, you’ve really done well overall.

  20. I’m really happy for the Winners, though I didn’t make it to the top 5, but then am glad I partook on this essay. Please I will be more Happy if the ranking will be published, so that it will be a challenge to all the participants

  21. Thank you for the great opportunity to participate in this great program, it really shows your commitment towards making sure that the youth get carried along in the sustainability development of their society.
    God bless the facilitators.
    Thank you.

  22. Congratulations to the winners for their performances which is really awesome. Thank you EMEND for the opportunity to participate in this competition, it really exposed me to a lot of things and I am very grateful to each and everyone that made this possible.

  23. Congratulations to the winners. Please can I view the essays of the winners so that I can improve my skills?

  24. Congratulations to the winners. Well done to the judges. Please, can we see the essays of the winners? Also, can we see the ranking of the whole essays? I would like to see where our name falls?

  25. I really appreciate the organizers, the markers and everyone who made this essay competition a reality. I’ve gained to much knowledge about Biodiversity conservation which I intend to make use of. Thank you EMEND, I’m really grateful.

  26. Congratulation to EMEND. Kudos to the winners. Well done to the markers and all who sacrificed towards the success of the competition. We all have a duty to protect and leave a better world for our children.

  27. Congratulations to the winners. I would like their essays published so we can learn from them.
    I am happy I partook in the competition

  28. It’s obvious that the person that wrote the Call for Essays and the person that wrote the marking scheme are different people. It’s obvious that there was no diversity in the markers thus giving room for allegations of nepotism. It’s obvious that there was poor communication between Emerald and the participating students. I can’t personally blame anyone as we know what money actual causes.
    Nevertheless, it was an experience worth trying!

  29. Thank you EMERALDSCAPE for the opportunity to participate in the essay.
    Congratulations to the winners!
    We would love to see their entries published.
    Thank you.

  30. I heartily felicitate with all the Winners for this year’s edition and congratulate EMEND for this laudable initiative, which no doubt has improved participants and further given impetus to the vision of the NGO.
    Well done, please keep up the good work!

  31. Congratulations to all the Winners and Warm thanks to the organizer of this competition. Next time, we shall take cue from all this essay benchmark. Once again Thanks.

  32. Let me start by saying a BIG thank you to Ms. Ayotunde Adeyeme for a work well done! Kudos Ma’am. But ma there are somethings I’ll like to say concerning the essay competition you conducted. It is to my greatest displeasure to find out that there really were some hidden rules about the essay that the participants were not aware of, not until the essays were marked and scored.

    The writers, in the observation and commentary section, were lashed out on badly by the markers, especially the first marker! Things were really not said amicably, no, not at all. The Nigerian University students who participated in this competition were criticized without good construction. I must say! I really was displeased by their write ups. The fact the the topic was an abstract one and critical tackling, was no considered. It is not an issue, though vital, that is common amongst us. Though I am glad for the enlightenment.

    As stated in my first paragraph above, there were no good guidelines to a successful writing of the essay. There really was a hasty one I.e the guidelines given.The Examiners are complaining of an in accurate compilation of the essay by the authors. Please why was it after the essay that they decided to begin deliberating on how they wanted the essay to be written and sectioned. We were never told that our works were to be sectioned with each section having a headlines. But only to find out and know about this after we all have written. There also were hasty generalizations about the writers.

    Again, why is it that we were accused of academic theft and plagiarism even when our sources were cited. Most markers were displeased at the fact that our write ups were not totally from our own knowledge forgetting the topic was a difficult one to have been written without any aid. Comments were made to us not considering the fact that there is a ‘ below the standard’ standard of education in Nigeria. I guess most of the markers might have studied or furthered their studies abroad! We have a poor standard of university education here in Nigeria, where it is either ASUU that’s going on strike! Or it is NASUU. Causing hinges to our learning process. What is called “Lecture Halls” are more of a cubicle than they could be.
    So, there are pretty much factors that affected the writers of the essay competition and these should have been considered before the unconstructed criticisms

    I beckon also that there should be, somewhere on this website that a good written down guidelines to writing a successful essay be postulated out for our improvement.

    Thank you

  33. Kudos to all participants and congratulations to the winners. I’m also one of the participant but I want you all to learn how to let go of things especially issues that don’t have a solution. Competition is gone . I don’t expect anyone to feel inferior or self pity over what has happened.
    We shouldn’t have excuse for failure instead let’s use this time to learn more. There are a lot of articles online to read about writing essay instead waiting for some people essay.
    I must tell you that time and chance happens to our success in life. ” NO ONE KNOW IT ALL” so we must prepare in sight of the opportunities ahead.
    Together we can win!


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