You & Your Environment

Bukola Fortune-Omosola and Barr. Tosin Ayo

Today on our favourite programme, ‘You & Your Environment’ we had an interesting and enlightening discussion on ‘The Challenges of Environmental Protection in Nigeria’ by Barr Tosin Ayo. Please enjoy reading.

Guest’s Profile: Barr. Tosin Ayo is an Author, Law Teacher, Biographer, Entrepreneur, Energy Law Specialist and Social Commentator. He is the Principal Partner at Wisdom Chambers. Above all he is an Environmental Enthusiast.

Question: What is Environment Protection?

Answer:  It is the tactics of preserving and protecting our environment by individuals, governments and every other stakeholder

Question: Is there any difference between Environmental Conservation and Environmental Protection?

Answer: They are similar, but there are differences. Conservation has to do with maintaining the status quo while preservation has to do with trying to maintain a balance irrespective of activities carried out. This is where sustainable development comes in.

Question: Is it necessary that we protect the Environment?

Answer: It is necessary because lack of preservation will lead to environmental degradation or total destruction. Environmental challenges are global challenges because there is no environmental boundaries in the world. The land, air, water, climate and biodiversity must not be polluted so healthy living can be achievable. They are all connected and interwoven.

Question: Are there easy ways to protect our Environment?

Answer: Yes, we all can contribute our little quota by doing the basic things such as stopping bush burning, replacement of felled trees, stopping indiscriminate disposal of wastes, waste separation and recycling, minimizing carbon emissions.

Question: What are some of the Challenges of Environmental Protection?

Answer: Some of the challenges of Environmental Protection include;

1.Energy insecurity: For instance how many people are aware of alternative sources of power, water contamination, ozone layer depletion, green house emissions etc.

2. Institutional frame work

3. Poor funding

4. Lack of enforcement of laws and policies

5. Sabotage of people and government

6.Obsolete laws

During the discussion

7.Lack of incentives for compliance. Let us learn to reward good deeds instead of waiting to punish violators. For instance issuing certificate of compliance to corporations when they ensure environmental safety and practice due diligence.

8. Absence of sanctions or unenforceability of sanctions

9. Multiplicity of taxes

Question: Do you think the Federal Government is doing enough with regards to Environmental Protection?

The Federal Government is trying their best, but the issue of embezzlement and public officials not separating public purse from private purse is not helping matters. The reason why the government is having challenge with enforcement of laws is lack of political will, and conflict between commercial practice( revenue generation) and active protection of the environment

Question: How can you assess the performance of Ekiti State with regards to Environmental Protection?

Answer: The government is doing their best but they can do better, the private sector should be invited into areas where the government having difficulties. Government officials need to be more accountable. The people should be responsible and the public workers should do their work conscientiously.

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