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The Executive Director of Seedavest

Who is an Eco-friendly shopper and what are some of the considerations to make before shopping?

An Eco-friendly shopper is a shopper that is conscious of the environmental consequences of the products he/she buys, for instance just like we talk about opportunity cost in economics there are also some environmental consequences on some of the products.
Some of the considerations to make when shopping are;

  1. Auditing your lifestyles and shopping list and see where improvement can be achieved to reduce pollution.
  2. Learning how to buy smartly and keeping environmental considerations in mind.
  3. Checking if the item is ‘really’ or ‘urgently’ required. May be you do not have
    an immediate need for it or you can postpone it to any later date. Do you really need to buy the item or you can reuse another or a recycled one cpan serve the same purpose.
  4. Consider what quantity and content of the item is required and the duration
  5. Put into consideration the use of an item and the duration when purchasing

Is Eco-friendly shopping realizable in Nigeria?

Yes, it is achievable but it is a goal that can be realized in a long term. This would involve creating awareness and also government policies would be required, and institutions put in place to enforce these policies. Incentives can also be used to encourage Eco-friendly shopping in Nigeria for instance the 10 percent discount proposed by Seedavest for shoppers to encourage eco friendly shopping.

Please give us some few tips on how to shop sustainably?
Some of the few tips include;

  1. Use of paper bags and reusable bags, baskets and basins. Packaging that would do no harm to the environment. That would be degradable.
  2. Avoid nylon bags and sophisticated packaging
  3. Select items made with recycled-content materials.
  4. Put into consideration the sustainability of the products and the environmental costs.
  5. Buy locally made or grown foods. Local foods are fresher and keep local
    farmers in business, while avoiding the pollution caused by transporting
    products around the country or region.
  6. When selecting between two similar products, go for the one you can re-
    use or re-fill later.

How can Eco-friendly shoppers guard against Green washing?
Green washing is when companies portray their products as green or Eco-friendly when in the real sense the contents of the products are not Eco-friendly, or the item they are flashing as green is only a tiny bit of the materials used in the manufacturing of the products. Some products claim to be green based on a single environmental attribute. While not exactly false this practice paints a greener picture of the product.
To be safe guarded against Green washing Eco-friendly consumers should

  1. Look for proof on any claim that cannot be backed up by supporting information or by a reliable third-party certification.
  2. They should note that Claims that are poorly defined or broad are usually trying to hide the real truth about the product content.
  3. Watch out for claims that may be truthful but are unimportant and unhelpful for consumers.
  4. Also, be wary of environmental claims that may be true, but risk distracting you from the bigger environmental impacts of the category as a whole.
  5. Finally, stay away from claims that are simply false, this happens when a company misuses or misrepresent certification by an independent authority when no such certifications exist.
  6. Consumers should carry out a background check about the company and their objectives. They should take out time to check the reviews on the products.

What is the idea behind the Shopper’s Reusable Bag?
The main idea is to safeguard the environment from chemical toxins released by improper disposal of nylons, because nylons are not degradable as they take thousands of years to disintegrate, and they compose majority of the under water wastes harming aquatic plants and animals , and they block drainages.
Seedavest is giving their customers a new shopping experience through the 10 percent discount for a month anytime a shopper’s bring back the bag to shop at the Kiosk.

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