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Guest: Busayo Adekeye (Esq.)

Question: Explain the correlation between ecofriendly lifestyle and climate action?
Living an ecofriendly lifestyle is to be environmentally conscious. It is by making everyday choices that will determine our survival as a specie through conservation and preservation of biodiversity. We can be more conscious about reducing pollution, protecting wildlife, conserving natural resources and take other actions that can help slow the rate of climate change. Everyone can make a difference by making smart environmental choices and turn them into habits and even influence others around us to take similar actions.
The bedrock of climate action is doing the right thing for the future of life on earth and even for immediate personal benefits.
Question: Can you enlighten us on the impacts of plastics and nylons on the ecosystem?
Plastics and nylons pose massive ecological problems to the environment, they take hundreds of years to decompose and they are major threats to wildlife, agriculture and aqua life. Thousands of marine animals die every year after mistaking plastic bags which are laced with chemicals for food. Many animals also get entangled in plastic bags and suffocate.
Also, plastic bags are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource which contributes to global warming and has severe environmental impacts.
Nylon is not biodegradable, hence it is a risk to the natural environment if not recycled and disposed properly.
The process of making these material is relatively energy intensive which also contributes to global warming.
A range of chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of plastics and nylons are known to be toxic even to the human body.
Another issue is landfill accumulation. Plastics and nylons are often disposed of in landfills where they remain for centuries slowly leaking toxins into the soil.
Different human health challenges such as cancers, skin diseases are linked to using toxic plastics
Question: Give us an insight into the concept of ecofriendly reusable shoppers bag?
Using an ecofriendly reusable shopper’s bag is wholesomely in order. It reduces the amount of trash in our environment. Plastic bags may seem convenient to use but it can take from 15 to hundreds of years to break down. It is also important to note that the cost of recycling plastic bags outweighs their value. EMEND in collaboration with seedavest(a fresh farm produce with outlets in the capital city of Ado-ekiti) and Green preserve Initiative intitiated the ecofriendly reusable shopper’s bag to be launched soon.
Keeping these bags and storing them around your home, in your car or office will serve as a reminder so you can always decline plastic bags and just clean the bags and reuse for the next shopping. It is cheaper on the long run and contributes towards climate action in its own way.

The last one, Question 4: Is there any connection between eco friendly lifestyle and proper waste disposal?
Answer: I must say, It is not just a connection but proper waste disposal is the crux of an ecofriendly lifestyle. We need to reduce the amount of trash we create and reuse or repurpose consumer goods rather than throwing them away.
Proper waste disposal involves the use of garbage as a valuable resource to manufacture new items usually by recycling items that don’t need to end up in the landfill.
One of the ways to properly dispose waste is composting.Making waste into composite is a natural bio degradation process of organic waste that can convert them into nutrient filled food for plants. This is an ecofriendly technique.
Another approach is Reduction and Reuse. This is the method of reducing waste at the source thereby reducing the heavy reliance on raw materials that are continually getting depleted.
Recycling is another viable method. Converting thrash into new products or the use of discarded items for other meaningful uses instead of throwing them away.
It is vital to note that proper waste management is important to avoid contamination especially when waste is hazardous.

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