Guest: Inemesit Umoh

Question: what is the age range for defining a Youth?
Answer: . There is no universally accepted age range of youth. The United Nations define Youth as persons between the age of 15 and 24, the Nigerian National Youth Policy 2009 defines a youth ad persons between the age of 18 and 35. Youthfulness is associated with vigor, energy, appearance and so on. Youth is defined as the life stages between childhood and adulthood.
Question: What is the importance of Youth in conservation or preservation of the environment?
Answer: The Youths are the life wire of any nation. They make up majority of the work force of every nation. They have a role of preserving and renewing national culture. Remember culture is dynamic? They have a role to play in implementation of national and local policies, rules and laws. Engaging youths in environmental protection not only creates impacts on the youth behaviour, but ensures that missions are accomplished as per targets due to the zeal and cheer level of energy they’ll dissipate, youths have great influences through technology advancement on the environment.
Question: Is there any difference between eco friendly and green friendly
Answer: Eco friendly simply means causing little or no harm to the environment while green is a widely used term to explain basically anything that benefits the environment. Green is a casual word used in exchange for any word related to eco consciousness and environmental protection.
Question: please mention some of the eco friendly tips at the disposal of youths in environmental protection?
Answer: some eco friendly tips for Youths include;

  1. Engaging in gardening. Plant a simple back yard garden of pepper and vegetables.
  2. Proper waste disposal. Youths who are eco conscious make efforts to separate their wastes into perishables and non perishables. For the perishables make a compose pit from where natural fertilizer for the garden can be gotten. No indiscriminate dumping of refuse.
  3. Replace appliances with energy efficient models for instance energy bulbs.
  4. Conserve energy as much as you can by putting off light bulbs when not in use especially during day time, conserving water, and repairing leakages, turning off switches especially at charging points. You know most of us youths charge a lot of appliances; phones, laptops, Bluetooths …
  5. More youths should engage in trekking short distances instead of using cars and motor bikes. This will help reduce carbon foot prints on the environment. Bicycles are highly recommended. It is just that road constructions in this part of the globe unlike in other developed climes do not take cycling and pedestrians into consideration.
  6. Changing lifestyle to adopt environment friendly practices e.g
    a. Reducing our waste production, this can be done by minimising impulse shopping. Buying only what is needed, when buying accessing the time period we would use a product, if its only one for instance it could be borrowed or hired instead of buying a new item.. Buying simply packaged products instead of sophisticated packaging, as the former would be easier to dispose. Like our slogan in Emeraldscape Environmental Development is #reduce #reuse #recycle
    b. Recycling waste
    c. Buying reusable items, we can get napkins as against serviettes, use cotton napkins as against disposable diapers, minimize use of disposable bags, use reusable shoppers bags instead of disposable papers..
    Question: How would you access the performance of the Youth so far in relation to Environment Protection?
    Answer: Recently there has been a lot of sensitization and awareness going on among the Youths on environmental protection and preservation. The Youths are becoming more eco conscious and this would create more positive impact on the environment in the near future. A good example in mind is our WED 2020 Essay Competition among university students organised by Emeraldscape Environmental Development earlier this year. Again dedicating two episodes during You and Your Environment to commemorate Int’l Youths Day this year is also a good way to engage the youths more on environmental issues.
    Question: In what ways can the government assist the Youth to play a better role in protection of the environment?
    Answer: Youths can be a positive force for development when provided with the knowledge and opportunity they need to thrive. The government can include courses about environment protection as part of the General studies in schools; university levels, secondary and basic levels. They can create opportunities and empower the Youths. They can fund youth targeted programs through collaborations with NGOs working on environmental protection.


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