Guest: Similoluwa Awe
SDG Advocate and Activist

Question: Can we safely say that the Youths have sufficient awareness about Environment?
Answer: Youths and the environment is just referring to how youths relate with their immediate environment. Many Youths have an idea about their environment and the importance of preserving the environment but are nonchalant about it. But it will be safe not to assume that there is sufficient awareness. The percentage of awareness can be put at 50 percent. There is need for more sensitization programmes.

Question: Are there enough sensitization programmes where Youths are playing key roles?
Answer: The best way to sensitize today’s youths is through social media and mass media programmes, because even when programmes are organized youths don’t really turn out to attend the programmes. The issue of environmental apathy shows up here, the mindset that the environment is the responsibility of the government is not the ideal.

Question: Please mention some of the Youth Eco friendly tips.
Answer: Some of the Youths Eco Friendly Tips include;

  1. Eating less bush meat, because they have their roles in the conservation of biodiversity in the environment.
  2. Planting trees, people should be encouraged to plant trees, government should encourage people to plant tree by organizing tree planting programs and find little ways of appreciating them like writing the planters name on the tree. For instance the blood donation programme that was done in Ekiti state.
  3. Using reusable materials, like napkins instead of serviettes and tissues,
  4. Using less papers, sometimes we should use soft copy books, make payments online, use cloth/reusable wipes instead of tissue papers
  5. Contributing our own quota towards preservation of the environment for instance decongestion of gutters and drainage system. We should desist from the attitude that protection of the environment is the duty of the government because even if the government are doing their best our lack of eco conscious lifestyles will eventually destroy those amenities.
  6. Cultivating the attitude of borrowing books to reduce the use of papers and by extension preserve our trees

Question: What can the Government and NGOs do to salvage the issue of Youths recalcitrant attitudes toward environmental protection and preservation?
Answer: It is not just the duty of the government, or NGOs alone. it is the collective responsibility of everyone to be eco conscious. Spreading the word to other persons will go a long way. The government can make environmental friendly policies and ensure it’s implementations. For instance they can make policies that if a tree is cut, two should be planted to replace it. And if the rule is flouted the defaulter should be made to plant 50 trees.

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